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About House & Space Clearing

Everything is composed of energy, including both people and the places they occupy. Just as individuals carry energy within them, so do the spaces we inhabit.

The energy present in our homes or other spaces where we live, work or visit can significantly impact our overall well-being. Each home, space, building or plot of land has its own unique history. Every thought, emotion, conversation, movement and action leaves behind an energetic imprint. For instance, a space that has witnessed arguments, stress, anger, jealousy, grief or sadness may retain stagnant or negative energy. Subsequently occupying or using such a space can have an adverse effect on one’s own energy.

House and Space Clearing aims to eliminate this negative energy and establish a harmonious environment filled with positivity and love. By doing so, this practice effectively enhances the quality of life for those residing in these spaces.

about house and space clearing

What clients have to say


I feel you are an extremely gifted healer, your life experiences and own reflection means you provide a level of safety and containment grounded in deep physiological roots. My energy is better than ever and as a busy psychotherapist, I am able to hold space for clients without feeling depleted. I have seen many healers in the past and have never felt this level of improvement.

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